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Medical Wavier for Hydronephrosis. Dose it fall under history of?


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I am currently applying for Navy OCS, I have hit a little snag. I have a past diagnosis of Hydronephrosis and megauter that came from an outside hospital ER visit scan from 10 years ago. As I have searched it is a disqualifying condition and so is history of Hydronephrosis. My current medical provider had a slightly different diagnosis based off a test that confirmed "non-refluxing unobstructed megaurter". The past diagnosis was an accidental finding, it was, and still is asymptotic. The current diagnosis It is a non-refluxing unobstructed primary megaureter absent of hydronephrosis. I have new ultrasound scheduled, it should confirm that do not have megaureter and never officially had hydronephrosis. Do i have a good chance of getting a medical waiver in my favor? or do I still fall under "history of" and will be DQ. I hope to receive a note from the doctor stating the above information for my record if that helps my application.

If you have any information of suggestion they would be greatly appreciated.


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The main bit of information I am finding on the MEDMAN is article 15-46 (10) Current or history of hydronephrosis (591) is disqualifying). Pg 63 of Chapter 15. Is this a waiverable condition if it is proven to have gone away or been a false positive?
Will it get waived? Probably not but it doesn’t hurt to submit everything until you have something on paper that says no dice.
DODI 6130.03 released in March of 2018 now classifies the condition of Hydronephrosis as disqualifying only if it is present "on the most recent scan not related to pregnancy". Fully read that means if you are asymptomatic and hydronephrosis is absent from a recent scan, it is not PDQ.

That being said there is a caveat. They added new language that disqualifies people for any asymmetry in the function and/or size of your kidneys. Often times people who have had any severity of hydronephrosis in the past will have some sort of lasting asymmetric function and/or size of their kidneys due to the fact that one has been dilated for some period of time. A renal sonogram will determine the size of your kidneys and to an extend the severity of your hydronephrosis. A LASIX renal scan will determine if there is any asymmetric function.