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Whiting Field Rooms for Rent


Land of the Milk and Honey.
All - posting here for my neighbor and friend - she's basically an empty nester and looking to shore up her finances by renting two of her rooms out to local military. She's willing to do pretty short term as well even if you just need to get settled in the area. She's got a great pool, huge living room and kitchen, and one bedroom is fully furnished while the other one will need a bed. Both have reasonable closets. There are two bathrooms for use by the renters (the third is in her bedroom). I've put her photos on the images - she's a great lady and cooks well (not sure if she's willing to cook for you or not, but just stating it). The neighborhood is safe and is full of both instructors and students from Whiting and a ton of local sheriff deputies and highway patrol officers; it is approximately a 20 minute drive to the main gate at NAS Whiting Field. She asked me what she should charge - I told her she could probably fetch $400-500 per room - I imagine she's negotiable and you'd be getting a steal with your BAH as a student.