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what is name of LASIK Steroid Drops being used ?


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Civilian here, flying contract King Air stuff in support of USG.

Enough of that- my question is I plan to get LASIK this year....the various civilian docs are using civilian Walgreens Pharmacy precription eye drops. I plan to get WaveFront Guided LASIK (per NASA, USAF and other recommendations) instead of "standard LASIK."

With that said, what are the military doctors prescribing for eye drops, I believe they are a steroid type eye drop but I have not been able to find much info on them. The info I did find was that the steroid drops reportedly reduce the post-op problems significantly, versus other drops.

Thank you


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I got WaveFront Guided PRK. Careful with the LASIK....it looks like some branches, even Navy are starting to look at it in a study. But PRK is probably safer if you want to fly military later on. It is still what recruiters and my doctor recommended.

Anyways, they gave me Omnipred for a steroid drop.


Wavefront Lasik 6 months ago and I got Omni Pred (prednisolone ophthalmic). Its creamy white stuff that drips to the back of your nasal passages and you can actually taste it.