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USAA vs Navy Federal

I'm considering moving from Bank of America Military Bank to USAA or Navy Federal. Just wanted to get people's opinions about those two banks.


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Each institution has thing that it does well.

I use USAA and NFCU for different things:

NFCU: Checking, Savings, Money Market Account, Home Loan.
USAA: Home & Auto Insurance, Credit Card.

They both have a great Mover's Advantage program.

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I've had a credit card through USAA for several (10?) years. I've opened a checking and banking account with them also and I like certain features like reimbursements for ATM fees. Yes, I really HATE ATM fees and yes, Bank of America probably has the same feature in its accounts but at least you're not getting charged for 15,000 effortless services. BofA will shove a fee in your face for using their pens to fill out a deposit slip. USAA is a great company. If you ever have any concern, they're available at any time and never sound like they're pissed off for your having called them.



Is the thread I started about this very topic. I myself switched to USAA and then opened a high yield savings with ING Direct online. I then linked my other credit unions together through USAA. I haven't a need to go open up a Navy Federal account yet because I don't need a loan or anything but I imagine in the future I will.

I highly recommend USAA. In my short time with them they've provided some pretty outstanding customer service to me.


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I think this was mentioned before but with NFCU the active duty checking is nice, free checks, and up to $20 a month in rebates from ATM fees, little things like that.


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My personal soapbox: NFCU has the same tax status as the American Red Cross & the United Way, USAA pays federal taxes on their net income that helps buy F-18's, build roads & bridges & retire the national debt.
Does this clarify your choice-making? I hope so.


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Is there no search function anymore?
This is a damn message board, meant for the exchanging of ideas and bitching about stupid shit. If all we ever did was use the search function, it would be pretty damn boring.

That aside, I prefer USAA. More user friendly website, cheaper rates, and outstanding customer service. I had NFCU for years and thought I was happy until I decided to try USAA. It's also nice to get your paycheck a day early.