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The PRK process from start to finish

Thanks Matt. This is kind of a general question, but I have searched just about everywhere on the net trying to find a "formula" to convert from refractive index (i.e... -2.75) to a 20/? . I can't find one. Can anyone tell me what or approximately what -2.75, and -3.25 would be (regarding 20/?)?


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Thanks Matt. This is kind of a general question, but I have searched just about everywhere on the net trying to find a "formula" to convert from refractive index (i.e... -2.75) to a 20/? . I can't find one. Can anyone tell me what or approximately what -2.75, and -3.25 would be (regarding 20/?)?
-2.75 is approximately 20/270 and -3.25 is approximately 20/325.

Check out this...

Well, I've got my exams set up for July 16th and the PRK Surgery for July 19th! I'm totally pumped and excited. Wish me luck!

Btw Matt, hows the recovery coming? My eyes are a little worse than yours were. My last exam I had a -2.75 and a -3.25. I've been wearing my glasses for about 2 or so weeks now so I'm hoping that the right one will drop below a -3.00 so that I will only have to wait the 3 months instead of the longgggg 6 months or stabilization.

I had PRK in JAN05, and to date, other than slightly dry eyes in the morning, and wearing polarized sunglasses, everything has gone perfectly.

I wish I had the procedure done earlier, perhaps in high school. I did some some research and found that wearing contacts really doesn't help your eyes.

Good luck to you guys recovering and about to get the surgery done.


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Sorry it took me awhile to get back to you. My eyeballs hazed over pretty bad and I couldnt read the screen.

....jussssst kidding.

My eyes are coming along pretty well. I have my 30-day post-op on Tuesday. I have a touch of double vision sometimes at night but its getting better and better - now I know what they mean by "stabilizing". When I wake up, things are crystal clear. Throughout the day my vision degrades, and sometimes it will pick back up. Every day it seems a little bit better. Over the course of several weeks I can see a marked difference. Man, PRK is sweet...

Sweet, glad to know things are going better for you. I just had my exams yesterday, and I have my surgery on Thursday (Custom PRK). I'm getting a little nervous, but it is probably more anxious than anything. I can't wait to see how it turns out. As a side note...My grandpa got cataract surgery today. My friend's dad got carpel tunnel surgery today. My girlfriend's dad had surgery yesterday. And I have surgery on Thursday. Not sure if that is an omen of some sort, or what, lol.


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Alright, guys. It has now been one month and ten odd days or so. My vision is 20/25 with slight double-vision sometimes at night. The doc tells me this is because of the change in angle between the lased portion of my cornea and the unlased portion, and that it will eventually heal out. Frankly, this healing process is a royal pain in the ass. I was expecting to see slightly better by now. My vision improves slightly with lubricating drops, but only for brief periods of time. Have any of you experianced such a long healing period? I'm at 6 weeks, and honestly wondering if my eyes will ever be 20/20 without a touch-up.

Well I had my surgery on Thursday, July 19th (Custom PRK). I'll give a "brief" overview of the days that followed and include my current status...

Thursday (Day of Surgery)...The procedure did not hurt in the least bit. All of those eye drops they give you really do the job! I could open my eyes right after surgery and could see (quite blurry though and still num). My grandparents took me over to there house to stay since they didn't have any cats or dogs (they actually have a little one but isn't too bad) and there wouldn't be any animal hair or anything to get into my eye during the healing process. I laid down right when I got home and closed my eyes to rest them. When I woke up about an hour afterwards my eyes felt like they were on fire and we started taking the drops. I had to have my grandfather help me since there was no POSSIBLE way I would be able to read the instructions or the labels on the bottles for the drops. My eyes continue to burn and feel like they had something in them until the next morning. My eyes also watered STRAIGHT from when I woke up one hour after surgery till the next morning! I could not even hold them open without using my hands to manually hold open the lids. It SUCKED!

Friday (Day Two)...My eyes were quite a bit better than the day before. I continued with the drops religously. What kept me from hurting, I think, is that I kept my eyes closed almost the whole entire day. I went to see the doc in the morning and she said my vision was about 20/50 in my right eye and about 20/70 in my left, and no infections. The light did not bother me that much at all, either.

Saturday (Day Three)...My eyes felt like NORMAL again! Smooth moving, almost no light sensitivity, no achiness, no foreign-body-in-the-eye feeling, and my vision was starting to get better. The doc said my vision was about 20/35 and 20/50, with no infections.

Sunday (Day Four)...I got my contact "bandages" taken out today! It made a world of a difference with them out, too. My eyes felt relieved. The doc said my vision was about 20/35 in both eyes. The left was a little worse and it has always been a little more blurry than the right during the whole recovery process.

Wednesday (Weekly Checkup)...My eyes feel great. Almost no light sensitivity. My left eye is still a little blurry, though. The doc said my eyes were 20/25 in each eye, and my pressure in my eyes were ok.

Saturday, July 28 (Day Nine)...My eyes have been feeling a little dry (but the lubricating drops help alot with that). My left eye is still somewhat blurry (kinda getting on my nerves now). My girlfriend's dad, and a very close friend of mine, past away on Wednesday morning (4:10AM). I stayed with her and her family all night until he past away and my eyes were quite swollen from tears. Thursday was the wake/viewing and more swelling from tears occured. Yesterday, Friday, was the day of the funeral and my eyes were beginning to ache and feel sore (from the crying I believe). I'm not sure if tears are bad for the cornea while it is healing (although I was already over 95% healed). Maybe the salt in the tears does damage to healing cornea. My eyes eyes are still dry today and sore. I don't see the doc till the middle of August for my 1 month checkup, but if they continue to feel this way I will give her a call. My vision is still probably no better than 20/25 in each. I feel as though my left may have worsened some.

I will keep you all upto date on my further progress as time progresses.


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mxracer19 / ryanber:

What laser did your docs use, what was the size of your treament zone, and what is the size of your fully dilated pupil?

If you know that information, I can give you some insight on the healing process and the night vision issues.


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I am approaching my 2 month this friday. My vision is still 20/25, with increased VA for a brief period of time when I put in the drops. This is a PITA...I'm beginning to wonder if I won't need a touch-up surgery? I'll post more after my 60-day appointment
It has been 1 month of recovery on this Thursday for me. My VA is still oscillating some. I was 20/25 in each eye on my 2 week check up, however I am currently 20/30 in each eye. My left is still a little blurry compared to the right eye and the doc says I am now slightly Far Sighted! Wow, went from Near to Far. It doesn't make much sense to me, though, because I thought if you are Far Sighted you can see distances fine but have trouble up close...not the case with me. I see fine up close but can't make out some things far away. Don't get me wrong, I can see tremendously, especially compared to what I was before the operation! But, I believe a post op is in my near future.

Does anyone know how soon you can have a correcting operation after your original?

Jeff29, Sorry I don't know all of that information. I will try to get it all on my next check up. Can you give us a bad-case scenario, though?

Mxracer19, My VA increase, also, when I put the drops in. How many drops are you using per day (You're using Flarex, correct?)?
It looks like I am going to be selected for Marine OCS 196 in Sept. and afterwards i will have over a month before TBS. Is it possible to have PRK done durring the break? What would I have to do to make sure I don't get in trouble for this. It just seems like the perfect time to do it!