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Service Selection 2016

How's it going guys! I have been reading Airwarriors for awhile now and have not seen one of these posts in a couple of years. Just thought I would throw it out there for general discussion on ASTB scores, when the boards meet, any pre-board news and, in the end, hopefully positive results! Thanks.


*1. Loins... GIRD
Need to rename the title. It's "Service Assignment," shipmate.

As the Service Assignment officer during my NROTC tour, I found that I can actually guarantee a few things. I'll guarantee you that you'll know your designator prior to December. Unless you are NPQ'd or Disenrolled, you'll get a URL designator. The board is happening "soon," and depending on the Admiral at NSTC, it'll take from a day to a month to get their results approved. Any more questions?
Got SNA with 6/7/5 friends in my unit also got SNA with 7/8/7, 5/8/7, 6/5/5, and 6/6/6. I usually only see 7s, 8s, and 9s, on here so I thought this may ease some younger/future MIDNs worries about ASTB scores
I'm a rising senior with a 7/7/8, but I'm also interested in hearing about GPA and ranking as well. Any chance you'd be willing to share more on that stuff?