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Recommended PRK Doc in Chicago or Boston?


I am a student applying SNA for the upcoming April boards, but am shopping around for PRK locations now to move the process along. I go to school in Boston, but home is in Chicago so I can do either. Most websites do not give prices unless you do a consultation even though they charge basically the same price for everyone.

Just wondering if anyone here had a great experience that would want to recommend a place in either city that did a good job at a good price? Possibly a military discount or a financing option (like most students, I am broke).

Thanks in advance.


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If you are willing to travel a bit North... look into Dr Alexander in Appleton, Wisconsin. He did my eyes two years ago and is a pioneer in laser correction. He also is the guy for most of the Packers/Brewers/Bucks that get their eyes done in Wisco. Still have 20/15 to this day. Just my 2 cents.
Dr. Melki in Boston. I had my surgery in 2008, and have been 20/10 every since. You'll be paying about $3000, but you'll have the comfort to know that you're dealing with a world expert. I was going to write about him, but I'll let his website do the talking:

"Sam Melki, MD, PhD is the founder and medical director of Boston Laser. He received his MD degree from Vanderbilt University and is board-certified in Ophthalmology with a sub-specialty in Cornea and Laser Vision Correction. Dr. Melki also completed a PhD in Molecular Physiology & Biophysics at Vanderbilt University. He is a senior instructor with the American Society and Cataract and Refractive Surgery where he teaches physicians from around the world. He is currently an attending surgeon at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary where he completed his 2-year fellowship training in corneal diseases and laser vision correction. He is also on the clinical faculty at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Melki is a leading authority on Cataract, Corneal and Laser Vision Correction Surgery. He performs state-of-the-art Cataract Surgery using a no-stich, no-needle technique. His research interests encompass both Corneal and Refractive Surgery.
Dr. Melki has performed more than 9000 LASIK, LASEK and PRK procedures and has authored four textbooks on the subject. Several surgical instruments bear his name for his innovative design. Dr. Melki is also the Director of Ophthalmology at the UK Specialist Hospitals providing cataract surgery with a group of talented surgeons in England."

Was willing to work with me with paperwork for the military and has the best technology. Expensive, but I would recommend not bargain shopping on your eyes.


Exo, thanks for the write up. Good advice not to cheap out with the surgeon, but 3k is not bad at all compared to some prices I have seen. I'll be contacting him in the New Year...PM me if you want me to drop your name for a reference.
Dr. Colman Kraff at the Kraff Eye Institute in Chicago. His family (his father and various in-laws are part of the practice) were some of the original pioneers in PRK (so his biography says). He knows a bunch of the PRK doctors in the military, is very familiar with the waiver/NPQ process and will offer a slight military discount. He isn't cheap but I had an excellent experience with him. I'm sure anyone of these doctors will work out well though.



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I used Dr. James Noth in the Chicagoland area. Very well qualified and familiar with the military process. He quoted 3900. I don't know if he offers military discounts, but he offers free touch-ups for up to 2 years after initial surgery.