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PRK Surgeon in Louisiana?

Hello all,
I'm posting this thread because I'm investigating PRK surgery and trying to find a doctor in Louisiana who performs it. I've been looking around, and there are plenty of people who do LASIK, which is obviously worthless for me, but no PRK. I plan on calling some people I know at the base in New Orleans to see if they can help, but I was just wondering if maybe someone on here might be able to help me out?

Also, I have a bit of a dilemma regarding whether or not I should even do the surgery. Here is my situation:

I have my application package done and ready to be sent off, but my OR is telling me that they still have not given him the go-ahead to submit packages for the upcoming AUG2011 SNA/NFO/SWO board (he says that they are telling him the board is full). So I have my package done, but it is not submitted. Since there hasn't been any talk of when the next selection board after August would be, and given the current scarcity of selection boards, I've been thinking about getting my PRK surgery out of the way. However, the main problem here is the 6 month wait that MEPS requires me to wait before they can OK me. This would be a problem if:

A) my package was able to be submitted for the August board and I got pro recced.
B) my package couldn't make the August board, but they end up holding another board in September, October, or November.

I guess my main concern is if I should go ahead and do the surgery, and hope they don't hold a board in the following 3-4 months, or just wait it out and hope I can nail an NFO slot if I were to be pro recced.

I would prefer a pilot slot, but that is definitely impossible with my current vision. I appreciate any and all help with this. Thanks all.


I live in Louisiana and I went to Brint Custom Vision (Dr Brint) in Metairie. He did a great job and yea the 6 month waiting game sucks. I had applied for SNA without surgery and was of course dq'd after I was originally selected. I had surgery...waited 6 months...then re submitted my package. I was selected then sworn in and my leaving date originally in August is being changed to October. My input is to get the surgery before applying because once selected you will be dq'd (like me) due to not meeting the vision requirements.