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OCS Chain of Command Gouge

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I was just trying to memorize the big four and noticed that the OCS website provides the chain of command without the current names of anyone. I was just trying to fill it out and looking for some help. Maybe somebody can help check my work and add anything that I don't have. I imagine you won't know the first four names until you get there, but all the rest look like they could be learned in advance. I'll be heading there in 11 days.

Chain Of Command
Current known personnel listed
"Sir, the (first) person in this candidate's chain of command is:"

1. Section Leader: _____________________________________
2. Class CPO/DI: _____________________________________
3. Class Officer: _____________________________________
4. Battalion Officer in Charge: _____________________________________
5. Assistant Director of OCS: _____________________________________
6. Director of OCS: Cmdr. Bob Kallio, USN

7. Executive Officer, NAVAVSCOLSCOM: Cmdr. Kevin J. Hogan, USN

8. Commanding Officer, NAVAVSCOLSCOM: Capt. Craig F. Weideman, USN

9. Chief of Naval Air Training: RADM John E. Boyington, Jr., USN

10. Chief of Naval Education and Training: VADM Alfred G. Harms, Jr., USN

11. Chief of Naval Operations: Admiral Vern Clark, USN

12. Secretary of the Navy: Honorable Hansford T. Johnson

13. Secretary of Defense: Honorable Donald H. Rumsfeld

14. Vice-President: Honorable Richard B. Cheney

15. President: Honorable George W. Bush

The National Command Authorities are the President and the Secretary of Defense together.
By law, only the NCA has the authority to direct the Armed Forces in the execution of military action.


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Just got a newer version in email from NRD Omaha. The new chain of command is because OCS is no longer under Naval Aviation Schools Command but is under the command of Officer Training Command - Pensacola (OTCP), so I'm going to memorize it as it is in this file. Hopefully it is right, the file says it was revised April 2003 so it should be good.

If anyone wants it here it is

Sir/Ma’am, the ______ person in this Officer Candidate’s chain of command is:

1. Section Leader _______________ (changes daily)

2. Class Chief Petty Officer, _______________, United States Navy, and Class Drill Instructor, _______________, United States Marine Corps.

3. Class Officer, Lieutenant _______________, United States Navy.

4. Battalion Officer-in-Charge, ______________, United States Navy.

5. Assistant Director of Officer Candidate School, Lieutenant Commander Clinton, United States Navy.

6. Director of Officer Candidate School, Commander Duprey, United States Navy.

7. Executive Officer, Officer Training Command Pensacola, Commander Miller, United States Navy.

8. Commanding Officer, Officer Training Command Pensacola, Captain Nawrocki, United States Navy.

9. Commander Naval Service Training Command, Rear Admiral Rondeau, United States Navy.

10. Chief of Naval Education and Training, Vice Admiral Harms, United States Navy.

11. Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Clark, United States Navy.

12. Secretary of the Navy, The Honorable Hansford T. Johnson.

13. Secretary of Defense, The Honorable Donald Rumsfeld.

14. Vice President of the United States, The Honorable Richard Cheney.

15. President of the United States, The Honorable George W. Bush.
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