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Naval Aviator & NFO Metal Auto Emblems


New Member
Pags we are working with our retailers to make the products prime eligible.

I'll tell you what communist Russia wouldn't do. Give out 5 free samples.

Private message me your mailing address if you are interested in a set of wings to put on your vehicle.

See more photos here:


Working Class Bum
Super Moderator
WTF?!? You couldn't sneak a cup of DD or your "look at me" watch or a Hooters girl into the pic? Weak…;)

But the wings do look nice. I bought several for me and my FO friends.
That's not how I roll; you might be confusing me with another notorious AW member.

For others, these wings would also work well on farewell plaques, retirement shadow boxes, squadron picture boards, etc. The applications are unlimited.