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My Latest Purchase (or just pictures of your current guns)

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Well science teaches zombies are impervious to gunfire (everyone knows that) and you don't want to get close enough to one to be within range with a bladed weapon so your best bet may be to just try to annoy them with the bugle until they go away.
It depends on where your bullet strikes. Good aim = dead zombie as long as you know where to aim. Head, heart and lungs - all good shots.


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@Gatordev - Aim Surplus has the Geissele USASOC upper :)
I believe this will replace all MK18/M4 uppers in Special Operations Community (Ranger, NSW, AFSOC, SF, MARSOC, etc...)
$1400 is pretty rich but cool...
It's . . . a free-floated M-LOK upper. For $1400. Woo hoo. I guess if one is dead-set on having only the things with which operators allegedly operate operationally . . . I won't judge. And USASOC != SOCOM. Just the Army component thereof.

I do like that Geissele has gone away from the old cruciform-shaped handguards they were putting out a couple years ago. Still have one sitting in my parts stash after I swapped it out for an Aero Precision model that's much more ergonomical.