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Jock Straps? lol

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OK this is a strange post, and let me appologise in advance if I offend the lady members. Is the whole rumor about jack straps being worn while doing PT at OCS true or not? I've been a boxer person since I can remember and would prefer to start making the switch well before to get used to it, if it is true. Any info would be appreciated!!
you definitely don't want to wear boxers. my class was once mashed on the way from PT to chow. while doing flutter kicks, a class drill instructor noticed one of the candidates was wearing boxers, because they were hanging out the bottom of his PT shorts. the class drill instructor called him out to the front and ripped his boxers off from under the PT shorts.


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You don't seriously PT with your "boys" flapping around, do you?


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When I first showed up to USMC OCS, we got our supply issue – which we paid for, oorah. In this supply issue were a couple of jock straps, and tighty whities. Being a boxer man myself, I thought well sNit, they can’t expect me to wear these things. What I found later is that all we would wear were these little green PT shorts, which had built in underwear (some wore jockstraps/whitetights underneath, I didn't). We wore these (still do) for everything, including PT. These are nylon shorts that look like the old school jogger shorts from some decades ago with the slit up the sides all the way to the waistband. They offer a little support for your junk, but still allow for good circulation. I mention this because my Navy friends said that they had the same shorts as me in boot camp except that they were blue. (Note, this was boot camp, I don’t know about OCS)
I don’t know if they had rules or not, but since you will be dealing with Marine Drill Instructors, I can say that they won’t be asking you to remove your shorts for a jock strap check. If you wear something that they can notice, like the “joe boxer” waistband sticking out, expect an immediate thrashing. The bottom line, is don’t draw attention to yourself, be conservative in your choice of underwear, and if somehow you are challenged as to your choice of undergarments, Marines like confidence convince them as to why you should not be allowed to wear a jock strap. For example if you were to sound off “This candidate’s hometown doctor told him that because he was batting a low score if he were to wear a jock strap, it could make him sterile!” Not a lot of people have the confidence to sound off like that to a 210lb Drill Instructor, but I can assure you that is part of the game that they enjoy. Good Luck.
Yes it is in the OCS regulations that males MUST wear a jock strap while PT'ing. Definitely do not get caught wearing boxers while at OCS. You are issued tighty whities at OCS and as long as you are not in PT gear (shorts) the chances of the DI's seeing your underwear is small, so most wore whatever they wanted under their uniform. By the way, when you PT in the colder months and you wear sweat pants.....Dont forget to wear your PT shorts under the sweatpants, because they will be removed once you are warmed up and you definitely don't want to be caught only wearing your jock strap and the sweat pants out on the PT field. I have seen this happen before at OCS and I'm sure it still happens.
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