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IP Officer Info


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Information Profesional

Is there an IP officer speciality? My recuiter was talking about it, I dont see it as one of the Thread areas. Please inform me. Thanks.


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There is one, but its a pretty small community, and I don't think you can commission into it. Last I heard, they were only taking lateral transfers. They are mainly looking for officers with operational experience.


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They can't tell you until you've got some operational experience. But how do you get experience if you don't know what it is? But it was a round room! (rep points if someone can name that reference)

Steve Wilkins

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nukumall said:
I am in Space Command in the Air Force, I was told it deals with Space Technology some. Secret Squirrel stuff.
We have a Space Command in Dalghren, VA. Actually, it's been renamed, but its function is the same. A lot of the officers who work there, especially the upper managment, are Informational Professionals. How do I know this?

Well, I had orders there once upon a time (couple years ago). Correction, had vebal orders (big difference) and the navy swiped that good deal right out from under me....after I did house hunting leave (from Washington state). It seemed there was a problem with my clearance. I didn't send in the information update like you're supposed to for a Secret clearance. This complicated the issue with getting an interim Top Secret, which was needed for the billet. That billet was my ticket to lateral transfer over to the IP community. No, no, I'm not bitter at all. :icon_rage

Moral of the story: be aware of when your clearance info update is do and get it in early. Do not rely on your Security Mananger to inform you. Yes, yes, I know this is his job, just don't depend on it.

Pugs said:
It has more to do with copper boxes than round rooms :) Here's a press release that explains the redesignation a bit more that formed the community.

Sorry, the article you linked to deals with the renaming of Cryptology to Information Warfare, and the realignment of the Navy's Information Warfare community under NETWARCOM. The former director of the Navy's Cryptology community (Commander Naval Security Group), now falls under NNWC.

Information Professionals are not IWs. This is easy to confuse, especially since this thread was opened under the IW forum.

Steve, can you create an IP community forum? (Perhaps under "Lateral Transfers" since that's the only way to get there)

edit: Nevermind, I just moved the whole thing over.


I Can Has Leadership!
Alrighty, I am going to resurrect the everloving sh*t out of this thread. So here goes nothing.

For those of you that don't know me, I'm a former Prowler ECMO turned Information Professional Officer. Yup, I traded my 3 for an 8. Did my JO tour with VAQ-133, paid my penance at Ye Merry Olde Pentagon where I picked up the lateral transition after Naval Aviation and I had a very warranted and amicable divorce (I've got a thread floating around somewhere about that whole [or]deal). I'm now at NIOC Norfolk doing the IP thing.

For those that do, Bubba's back.

Now for the seriousness. After a long and arduous (not really) search, this is the only IP related thread I could find worthy of hijacking for my own purposes of web based information domination and propaganda spreading.

While I won't claim to have all the answers, I figure this can be of use as a one stop repository for all knowledges IP for AWs who want to know about the community or are trying to figure out what to do if, [insert random deity(ies) to which you pray here] forbid, this whole aviation thing doesn't work out for you. If a question is asked and I don't have an answer, I'll try to point you in the right direction. Keep in mind that part of the reason I'm an 1820 is that I sucked at navigation, but I'll get you on as close to the right heading as I can.

Almighty Mods, feel free to fork(thread) if applicable.

Remember people, stay to the left of boom and when in doubt, Charlie out. Unless one of the choices is 42.