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Hornet down in VA Beach


No, not really. Very few get to see mishap board info. And, while it is critical, that is not why COs lock down bases.
Was just meaning plenty of people could have witnessed it and they would maybe want some sort of statements before release the world of mouth to the public, I.e. names from with in the squadrons ect. Just stating from my experience from a mishap I saw. So just my two cents on the question. Clearly a different situation, with more bases and a lot more people not directly involved with ops.


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Hospital reported that both crew are in stable condition - one in fair and the other in good condition. Amazingly no injuries reported on the ground as of yet. Hope that continues to be the case.


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No speculation here, but did anyone see the pictures of the nozzles from the news?
Yeah I saw that and paused it and pointed it out to my buddy. I thought I was the only one who noticed that.

I was headed towards Oceana on 264E as it happened. Saw the black smoke and knew something wasn't good.

Thoughts and prayers to the families and people who are affected by this. Know a few guys over in -106 and glad that the aircrew ejected safely and surprisingly, outside of the ignorant comments by some, most of the community is being very supportive.


"You can't make this shit up..."
+1 - seems like most folks have been supportive. Saw some video of civs helping to move fire hoses.


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surprisingly, outside of the ignorant comments by some, most of the community is being very supportive.
I think that kind of sums up the folks around here in general.......most seem very supportive, with a few outspoken activists making up a vocal minority.


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From the video feed I saw on CNN all that's left was the tail and burner cans. Some Fireman was hailing the crew, he said the pilot was circling and dumping fuel. I would assume he/she was trying to A. lighten up to make it back to the field and or B. to prevent an even bigger fire, probably the latter. Regardless glad the crew got out and know one on the deck was seriously hurt. Looks like the Navy will be building a new apt. complex though...


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If a anyone thinks something is out of bounds, or close to it, don't quote the offending post. Report it and let one of the mod team take care of it. Quoting bad posts just makes it harder to clean up.


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Not to sidebar, any guesses as to how long this will take to cue up the Cecil Field vs. Oceana debate...
Ot how long it takes to start comparing it to the 101 mishap, and how this is becoming a trend which is somehow our problem to fix.