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DCO Supply Chances and Selections

Good Afternoon!

I reached out to my recruiter the other day regarding next steps in the Supply Corps DCO program after getting selected by the board and he said that he would check and get back with me (he's a relatively new recruiter for this program).

Does anyone who has previously been through the program have some insight regarding next steps and the timeline?

Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Philly, Have you been selected? If so, you'll need to hang tight until your RRA and FINSEL come in (probably 4-8 weeks). Once those are completed you can start planning your commissioning. As soon as you get the letter stating you've been selected you can also head down to your nearest CAC office and get your CAC. You'll probably get a message from the RCC N4 regarding your DCOIC quota. You'll want to get DCOIC done as soon as possible because you can't start BQC until that is completed.