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Current OCS Chain of Command

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SNA Russell

Registered User
I need some help filling in a few of the blanks "in this Officer Candidate's chain of command". Specifically:

4. Battalion Officer in Charge
5. Regimental Officer in Charge
6. Officer Candidate School Department Head
9. Chief of Naval Air Training
10. Chief of Naval Education and Training

Thanks, guys.



COD Driver
Super Moderator
First of all your list is hosed up. There is no Regimental Officer in Charge or a OCS Department Head. The list will probably look like this:
4. BOIC: LCDR Cooper
5. Assistant Director, OCS: LCDR Clinton
6. Director, OCS: CDR Kallio (if he's still there)
7. XO, NASC: CDR Hogan
8. CO, NASC: CAPT Weideman (spelling?)
9. Chief of Naval Air Training: RADM (upper half) Boyington... great guy, had a beer with him at the O'Club
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