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Congrats President Elect Obama


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Look, going toe-to-to with Iran like Bush was doing does not do us any good. I hope Obama sees Iran as an ally and channel their help to fight the insurgency in Iraq and ultimately in Afghanistan. The security situation in the Gulf affects world economy.

And if you think Obama will solve our problems, think again. 8 years in a quagmire that is .......

If the fact that a Democrat is going to be the next POTUS bothers you, you can always give up your blue passport, retire and move to Canada. It is democracy in action and we are a democratic nation. Get it !!

Damn, let the man prove himself. It is not like Republicans did any better in the last 8 years.
Can I bronze this? It's not everyday one writes the Dumbass Of The Millennium Award. :eek:
I agree with many others on this thread that, as Benjamin Franklin quipped, "hope makes a good breakfast but a bad super" and now its time for definitive action.

That said--and I was actually at the Grant park rally--I was pretty moved by that speech. Especially when he implored Americans to find a spirit of service and sacrifice, and then lauded the career of his rival. I think that's a value the military community can find common ground in.
Regardless of who is in charge of our nation, the people in charge of Iran don't change. Their President, Prime Minister etc...don't really matter. The Ayatollahs that don't run for office, and don't sign laws, and don't sit in parliament run the show. No matter who is in charge of our nation, they will never be our allies as long as the ayatollahs run Iran. Talking to them might work, and using them to further our nations interests might be possible but it's not going to be rainbow and sunshines that gets them to do it, it's going to be coercion and manipulation, the same foreign policy tools we've used for the past 100 years. Like it or not, the leaders of that country HATE us. .
Offcourse you claim my opinions are retarded but we cannot prove that your opinions are not as retarded as mine either. So your point is? :D

If we know what works why don't we use it. Giving ultimatums is not exactly coercion. For the past 100years? By now we should have perfected the process don't you think?

If we have to eat with them at a table with one hand behind our back then let us do it. Whatever gets the job done. And if we feel that we need to blow the shit out of them then let us do it. I just think we have lost the leverage against Iran. Mutual Assured Distruction(MAD) is not in our game plan either.


I replayed this about 10 times and from what I can make out she said "I wont have to worry about putting gas in my car, I wont have to worry about paying my mortgage"

Thats a hell of alot different that "Now I dont have to put gas in my car and dont have to pay my mortgage".
Depends on the perspective you take.


O-4 Line of sight tasking is real...
I just think we have lost the leverage against Iran.

Leverage? I've been to Iran...you better believe our sanctions and embargoes have deeply effected the populace. Sure they are making nukes...but the population is still getting around in this....

The people are suffering because of the actions of their government. They rely on the black market and you would still think it is 1965 when you go there. They know we have the means to send them back to the stone age. I believe that is all the leverage we need.

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As per our Vice President-Elect, I would expect someone - China, NK, Iran - to try yanking our chain in the coming year, just to see what Obama does. Nothing too serious, or something that can't be cooled down, just a test-yank. China did that shit all the time during the Clinton administration, and would have done the same to Bush, except for 9/11.

I don't see Obama making any big course changes in foreign policy. He has lots of ideas and concepts now, but after a few months of rooms full of people explaning to him the consequences of action X or Y...?

Democrats can't afford to "look soft" on foreign issues. it's political suicide and just gives the GOP ammunition. It's why JFK and LBJ got us deep into Vietnam, why Carter wasn't reelected, and why Clinton sent us on so many foreign adventures.
But are we really going to send them back to the stone age?
Seriously, NO. Believe that.
Why? We are the US of A.

When I say leverage, I mean against the government. Offcourse the Majlis do not care about the populace. They are not driving around in junk.