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canadian gun nazis


Well-Known Member
When is the US going to just purchase Canada and get them on a more rational program? I know we have our own issues but their twisted socialist approach may bleed over the border at some point. I do own firearms because it's an inalienable right passed down to me from our countries forefathers. Um -on the other hand since Holder is in offi...

Note to self:
1. Tell my son not to draw guns while at school.
2. Discuss with teacher that family does own guns and if son draws one- call me on the cell first.


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What would we buy Canada with? Our 16 trillion dollars in public debt?

Besides the idiots who overreacted, the Canadians seem far more rational than 99% of my countrymen. Canadian banks are one of the few western financial systems that survived the toxic debt scandal untouched; Canada actually drills for their oil, sells it to us, produces our cars, mines our girlfriends/wives' diamonds, keeps their wilderness pristine and still manages to maintain a government that is sensible in most cases. I admire most of our polite neighbors to the North. They suck less than most of the Americans I find myself standing next to in the DMV.

Also, fat chicks are not allowed in the bars in Montreal, or there just aren't any manatees that far North. Not sure, but I never saw one in the multiple visits. That, plus the beast of a beer known as Molson goes a long way in forming my favorable opinions of Canada.