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All things MV-22 Osprey


COD Driver
Super Moderator
Will the COD V-22 always recover on the CV vertically or is there planning to increase GW by doing run on landings down the angle?
I'm not sure how much traction that idea got. For landing, there was a roll-over speed associated with the cross deck pendants.

It doesn't really matter though... the limiting constraint for the COD mission is volume and not weight.


More humble than you would understand
Super Moderator
There's a little more volume to fill in a V-22, but after 1150 nm to the ship, you probably won't need a roll-on landing after burning all that gas.

A STO would be beneficial depending on what you're carrying back.

Yes, 40 extra years of service will require a lot more attrition birds, whatever the aircraft type. At least there's a live production line now if we plan for the future.