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OCS 2-September-2018 OCS Class

Been given tentative date for 20180902 for OCS. Still awaiting FINSEL, but presume this will be my report date. I did not see a thread for this date, so thought I would start one. Looking forward to getting to know everyone, and as we get closer to our reporting date, we can decide what method of communication works best going forward.

Congratulations and welcome! I did some looking around on the threads, might be a good idea to take a look at the PDFs associated with the 1-JULY-2018 and the 22-JULY-2018. Both are OCS Survival Guides that I thought were really informative. Once again congratulations!
Do we know when graduation will be? I saw an earlier post that says Nov 21 instead of the 23rd due to Thanksgiving. I haven’t checked with my recruiter yet since he’s on leave.