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10 June 2018 OCS Class

Congrats! I’ve done a lot of searching and have never seen this before (getting a tentative date before graduating). Did you recruiter call you?
Yup, he called me out of the blue yesterday. I've been board selected since July of last year and HQ was calling him asking for my graduation paperwork so he was trying to figure out where it was. He is my third recruiter since selection and I just got handed to him a few weeks ago so he didn't know/remember I was still in school (I made contact with him for like 2 minutes prior to this). Obviously this date can get changed, especially if my school doesn't process my degree quickly but I'll roll with it as it comes.
Hoping for this class as well, but I feel like I'll probably end up in one of the July classes. Received PRO-REC Y for Intel back in December, waiting on transcripts in lat eMay. Already did my prescreen but they haven't sent the results yet, so hoping those two things don't slow down the process even more
Checking in, graduating May 20th. OSO said there's a very small chance of going June 10th, said would most likely be July 1st. So I bought plane tickets to France that return the night of June 9th. Now he's not so sure.

12 hour drive through the night out of Detroit if it happens.
Hey all I am planning to drive to New Port from Houston,Texas. My plan is to get there on 09JUN18 and check out the place. Checking in time I believe is 0900-1100 10JUN18, depending on your orders. If anyone in Texas,Louisiana,Mississippi,Georgia, Carolinas and Virginia we can ride together/carpool. Feel free to PM me. My drive will be 27hrs!!!
Hey! I’m in Texas, I’ll message you about carpooling.